Screamer and a punch up

Gravel crunch 

Dodge the puddles

The wheel of time’s turnstile 

A rusty squeak 
Scaffolded stage and weeds slide 

Around the edge 

Slight undulations 

Bobbing grass across the view 
Facing west you watch 

As the hill rises out of the rooves 

Clipping chimneys and cables 

As it climbs into the clouds 
Thoughts of glory on the grass

Mirror those under famous arch

Yet every journey must start 

At some homespun chapter 
A million miles as the crow does not fly

The straight run is made by the train 

Arcing across behind the goal

As the game roars into life 

These lads want to travel different path 

Through blood and thunder 

Streets lined with history 

So when the grass roots 

Give us a wonder goal and a melee 

It’s worth remembering where you came from

Everything, even-the-never-where-it’s-supposed-to-be train 
Has to start somewhere 
Next stop Wembley 


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