Race to the Sun

It’s like summer has already said farewell.


Race to the Sun


The raindrops are scrawled across the pane

The now-blue-sky droplets bright against

The dark branches of the trees across the road

Leafless and drying in the cold winter air


We have watched the Sun flash, the skies darken and the heavens open

But now, bar the splashing of the buses sliding through the traffic lights

All is clear, now the rain has gone.


As the blue light sweeps the clouds away

The water begins to run, slowly at first

But then, sprinting, down the pavement

Late for the bus; left the gas on


It’s the opposite of Paris-Nice

The best laid plans go up in steam

And the road returns to the tarmac grey

That the now departed clouds were just a minute before


One day I think I will be thus washed away

Up the street, round the corner and gone

Off into hedgerow lanes somewhere;

A land of blue where I will never be seen


Ears of corn and the scant, remaining leaves

All turn their heads as the Sun peeps out behind the clouds

They hear the surge as the sunbeams chase water droplets down the road,

As they lift me off my feet and sweep me, sweep me, round the corner


Sloth out


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