Vote Rainbow

In view of political developments, maybe they can try and work together.


Vote Rainbow



A man walks down the street

To put a piece of paper in a box

Illustrated with disillusionment

Yet democratic in his approach


His rainbow clothes reflect the hazy sunshine

The colours of parties across a light spectrum politicised

He wonders if it need be that way

He’s not pinned his rosette to the mast like that


Just a Brazil shirt and a red jumper

Though purple is neglected

There are some views whose wndows

Are slightly dirty


Still he wonders at those covered all in one colour


Elmo notwithstanding

Why can’t we find a way to work together


I bet not everyone agreed with Pele all the time

But when Tostao told him to give it to Carlos

The answer seemed so clear

Alberto gliding through the air, poetry in motion


The joy of teamwork was there for all to see

You watch that and you are not supporting a team

You are supporting grace and joy

You are supporting togetherness


So, that’s my challenge to the powers that be

Watch those guys, with different colours on their shirts

Try and be like them, it does matter if you’re Pele or Felix

You can still work together


Sloth out




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