Brins and needles 

Brins and needles

Strolling down a post-work street 

Suits and ties, weave and fleet 

You have that ticking all day 

At the base of your skull, ticking away 

You know what’s coming 

You know what’s coming

It’s the top of the rollercoaster

The pour of the pint 

The dramatic pause of our rivals 

When you step out into the night 

The noise of a crowd coming alive 

It’s funny during the day

Our social norms, our nods and shakes 

When our mind is a few hours down the road

As the world obliviously rotates 
This is all so unexpected 

Uncaring if it goes Pete Tong 

The noise though, rang out 

It rang out loud and it rang out long 
Time to plunge in. 

Sloth out 


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