Wild Hog in the Woods 

Dr. Seuss folk songs

Wild Hog in the Woods 


Bluebell guides bowing low

Carpets of blue a wanderer sees

Bells ringing in the route

Paths snaking through the trees


Muffle, scuffle

Truffle snout, hill

Shuffle and snuffle

Stand stock still


As we twist and wind

Down ancient ways and fells

Not Roman roads but Elvish lines

To longwalk lanes, hollows and dells


Arching boughs, leaves lying

Low and long,  as sunbeams leap

Branch to branch, light and light

Lives unseen, but long lithe


Secrets amongst the roots and routes

Running parallel to rises high

Rising suns and rugged pine

Who knows what runs through wooded air
Through ancient brush and a ancient springs 

Ancient birdsong ever sings 

Soar past man’s folly on gliding wings 

Echoing ancient blue bell rings 
Through stories man has ever told 

Lie moor and wood, oaken old

Chase sunlight beams past leaf and bough 

Remember the wild hog who’s still there now. 

Sloth out






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