Playoff push

Sometimes things run away from you, and you thought you weren’t that bothered, and you just get wrapped up in the moment.


Playoff push


Low expectations

Bubbling, simmering

Baby stepping



Then, despite stumble

After stumble

Here we stand

In the mix


When roars echoed round the stands

Over ten years ago now, it was a tidal wave

An unstoppable force

Now a surprise package who may just sneak over the line


For once I am uncaring about results

Win records mean nothing here on the hallowed turf

It is just nice to have a big game bellow in my lungs

Looking around at the blue and white masses


The sane colour as the blood flows through my veins

From my hooped heart

I’m sure of it

Science schmience

Jaap had a dream. Stick around long enough…


Sloth out.


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