March Madness 

It’s that time of year.

March Madness

There’s a symmetry in nature

We’re shown it all the time

In the division of a leaf

In the spacing of the pines

The perfect circles of the tree rings

And the peaking of the waves

Mirroring the moonpull

In the sunny shipping lanes


We give thanks to Spring these days

For colour bloomed afresh

The odd blue sky hung high above

Warmth of Sunlight on the flesh

From this we take our inspiration

In our moments among rest

To perfect our man-made shapes

Geometric steps away from

And it’s to madness that we turm now 
There’s beauty on the rise

It’s the lines right angling ink

That brings wonder to our eyes

The numbers set a daunting run

A gauntlet for the stars

Yet each jigsawed guess and cautionwind

Echoes down the bar


The crumpled paper sits proud and weary

With scribblings ablaze

Yet all choices made and hope instilled

Through the polygonic maze

There’s beauty in the symmetry

Of how a bracket charges in

To the centre of page, the world

It’s time for madness to begin

Sloth ballin’


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