Right wing



Right wing

Saturday morning joys

Chuntering down the tracks

Shorts out, sunshine flickers past

You know, Spring is definitely back


Caffeine bubbles in hand

Striding towards warmer concrete

Ready to down tools and weekend

Prowl the sun-laden streets


I glanced up from my book

To look at those flying fields and brooks

As I return from the bottle swig I took

I see the guy opposite giving me a look


The sort of look that you don’t want to get

From the guy sitting opposite you

Like he thinks that you’re mad

And he’s not sure what he should do


I’m on my phone, scoring a few goals

And suddenly I realise, why he’s got the hump

It’s because of my book, in German, on the seat

With a big ol’ swastika slap bang on the front


Now it’s purely academic

And I say just as much

But I can’t tell he’s not convinced


Oh, the lives that we touch


Sloth, absolutely not a neo-nazi, out.






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