Social dancing

The social dance of a party with new people is something unique.

Social dancing

What do we talk about at parties? 
How do we stand? 
When should I ask a question? 
Do I go in for a hug or a shake of hand? 

How to extricate yourself
From the clutch of the crazy
Is something you’ll learn
But you can’t afford to be lazy

This leads to monologues
Of the uncomfortable kind
You’ll have to nod a lot
And look like you don’t mind 

Yet there’s something balletic
In how we twist and we turn
Through the crowd to the fridge
And slip past others to return

How we show respect
Open-mindedness, trust
And reunite burnt out candles
Through the wax and the must

We matched once, you and I
Quite out of the blue
And while I floundered with new ones
I kept turning to you

Some friendships meander
Rivers never flowing too close
But stay the course parallel
And tonight of some nights
That matters the most

Ta loo rye ay…Come on.. 

Sloth out.


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