Have you fed the fish? 

On National Holocaust Memorial Day.


Have you fed the fish?


Sometimes, you’ve got to rewind

To go forward

A not very good drawing of a man

Told me that


I look around at the twisting

Web of iron and air

Weaving up and through the city

Bearing our tin boxes to its

Fiery centre


And think of hands that wrought it

Sweat and blood that slicked its surface

The great mechanical feats our minds have produced

As we rattle high in the city’s jungle


As those same hands, of European stock

Once used rails and air

To connect outposts

And wreak unimaginable evil


The salt I crunch on icy days

The ash of their comrades

Forced to sow

Forced to know


There are things in this world

That are intelligible, concrete

We know they happened, you have seen the evidence

But something tells us, inside, that it must not have done



I can not compute

I can not simply turn and gaze  skywards and make sense of it


I must not forget

Never forget.



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