All about Hygge this year. A morning’s not a morning without a cuppa. 


Bubble, bubble

Morning huddle

Arms wrapped round

Self-made cuddle


Kettle has popped

So pan pipes away

Where roaring gas and sparking meet

How else does winter come to day


With splash and cloud

Like priest incensed

The bag-browned water

Kitchen tense


Explosion steam has filled the room

The spit and pour arrow straight

Suddenly left, quiet to stew

It just needs a rest though not too late


A little plop

As the spoon-aided escape

A cold sharp milk shock

Oh, the swirls and shadows it makes


Careful, now, careful

As it climbs to the sky

But not a drop over the top

Not a whisper of a hot toe cry


Cradle the cup, check

For the perfect heat

As it’s raised to your lips

Flumped into your seat


Oh, what holy grail

What restorative power

To glance to the day light

Take on the next hour


I give thanks for that leaf

Coloured liquid milk toffee

For the warmth that you bring

And the steam that we see


For anticipation of warmth

Even sleepy eyes see true

The world’s waking up

Fancy a brew?

Sloth out. 


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