Winter is coming. But there’s still life out there.




The best things in life are free

So they say


Y’know, the smell of grass after a storm

Rainbows and sunshine, forests and fjords


Still, it gets to the sharp end

Of freezing fog and cloudy concrete


And we swirl the streets collars up

Looking at the cracks in the pavement

Instead of the onrushing sunsets


On one particular day

As the clouds simply darken

Those around could not be any deeper

In coats


Eyes down, destination the only thought

The moments hinges

And the world stops


The reason is birdsong

Ringing through the darkness

So unexpected, so clean through

The rumble of traffic and breath


It did not transform the day

Nor warm those within earshot

But a reminder of life enduring

Cannot be frittered away


The world does not stop for us

As we stoop under eaves

Stamp out festive feet

After stumbling in the rain


The song rings true across the street

And tells me that any day can still be one

The world keeps turning

And in the darkness of winter


Wonders never cease

Sloth out 


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