Super-C hero

One day, I’m gonna be a great old man.


Super-C hero


Imagine not leaving your home for twenty years

Like, who volunteers for house arrest?

But there’s many who simply can’t

Unseen, unknown


Each door we see holds secrets

But sometimes it’s not just a tale of human frailty

Of faults in nature’s coding

Sometimes it’s the will to live


Simply to keep on pushing

Pumping oxygen round your bloodstream

Doesn’t sound like much of an achievement

But lives are measured in different ways


This lady, from Europe’s boot

Has stepped for as long as the first radio pips

Plotting her course across centuries with

Aspirin and the paper clip







She has not yet bid farewell to arms

In the simple battle to hold on to those

We are first given

And to which we return


For those of us who are mere mortals

This is perhaps the greatest battle we can fight

She may not change the world

But her soul might stop it





Sloth out.








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