Away from the Land of Nod

When you really need to sleep…


Away from the Land of Nod


Can’t wait for a nap?

Buzzing for some sleep?

Really just want forty winks?

Or need to check your eyelids

As my dad used to say


Strange isn’t it?

That we relish the anticipation

Of something that we

By definition

Cannot consciously enjoy


Cannot remember


I rarely feel refreshed these days

Rise with a clear head

A stretch and

A nod at the morning


I wonder why we never evolved to hibernate

Gluttons for punishment probably

Or greed.


Yeah, now, with glinting 21sr century cynicism

Greed makes sense


There is an absence in my life

One I’m not able to feel

But I will freely admit

Whilst I pinch my eyes…


Still, can’t beat wrapping yourself up in duvet

Pretending you’re a sausage

And drifting off

Slothy and snug


Sloth out.




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