Warmth not war (For Rosie) 

Left a hat on the train a friend once unexpectedly gave me for Christmas. Was quite angry because it was a gift, but had some tea and realised something.


Warmth not war (For Rosie) 


I lost something, you know


As always

Every time it feels like I’ve lost you


A reverse Sally Cinnamon

Warmth is placed on the seat

Left there

As the train clatters into the distance


Ain’t no coming back from that

It makes me sad, that.  

It was given to me, gifted

And every time it kept my noggin warm

It was you, really


Here I sit with my cheap replacement

And you can’t exchange the texture of friendship

And not lose out


But I realise now, the anger subsided

That it doesn’t have to be that one

For me to smile


Your intention doesn’t fade

Not imbued solely to one object

It hasn’t ceased to exist


So whatever the colour

Whatever the cost

I will still think of you


As the nights draw in

And halogen orbs snag, in the shadows

The corners of my upturned mouth

So, thank you


For keeping me warm


Shiver-y Sloth out. 


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