Taking a moment to stick your head above the parapet. Not in a big life-changing way, just every hour or so to remind yourself there’s a world out there. 






The year’s and gears winding down

Letting ever more rain in through the gaps

Clockwork’s ticking slows …slowly

Umbrellas in the street hurry by in slow motion



Go on.

It might not look much

But that grey stuff

Well, that’s daylight, that is.


Look, past the people

Past the concrete

Through the raindrops

Look, at the time.


No, no, no, no.

Not ‘look at the time!’

This isn’t a trick

Just, look, at time


See how, if you try really hard

You can slow it down

Not the magic of the mind, though

The mechanical prism of perspective


Give yourself a minute, maybe two

Note the joy of the dry, the warm

Hot tea on the tongue

The pause


… In the raindrops

And breathe

Aaaaaaand go.
Wet Sloth out. 


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