All knowledge is precious… 

‘All knowledge is precious whether or not it serves the slightest human use.’ A.E. Housman

Revising for an exam today, I and thinking about the phenomenons of learning and curiosity.


All knowledge is precious… 


He sits at the back, on the ledge

Feet on the desk in front, leaning forward

Deep in thought, like the empty room

Strip lights throw a dim pool on the stage


The lecture theatre clicks,  breathes..  a heavy silence

A palpable purpose, learning seeping through

Walls, secrets wriggling through cracks

Empty seats whispering across the room


He drinks it in as he history boys in silence

Imagining cut and thrust witnessed here



The air rustles

A door swings

The spell is broken


Footsteps pad away

The silent air resettles


Time resumes


Library Sloth out. 


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