A few leaves left

Remarkably, it’s still shorts weather. Well, last year we had daffodils in December it was that warm, before the floods. I always seem to not realise summer has ended though.


A few leaves left


Maybe I missed the invite

Always miss the invite

Me, with my calves abreeze

A mild man in all senses


It’s just summer never seems to say farewell

Turn around one day and rain-slicked tarmac

Has lost it’s memory

Doesn’t know when it was last sunny


Leaves fall off the trees

As if time is accelerating

Days and showers, and showers, pass

Some grey skies later…


And you look up,  and everything has passed you by

You’re standing in the rain

In November?!

Surely not?


But the adverts have started

Coca cola man isn’t here yet

But it’s only a matter of time

Probably just held up by the – – – – – trains


– Where’s Gromit when you need him? –


Yet, here you stand

Shorts drawing looks

Like you’re only just catching on

That the sun’s called it for the year


‘Still,’ you repeat to yourself,

‘Nothing like a breeze around your calves.’

‘Arctic or no’.’


Sloth out.


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