This Will Be (some might say) – For Sophie S. 

I think we all may have had the feeling recently that the world is changing rapidly and the future seems very hard to picture. Everything seems in transition, and the way we see places around us changes.

This Will Be (some might say) – For Sophie S. 


As road signs slip away

And trainers on pedals squeak into the darkness

Almost certainly never to be seen again

It’s not so much romantic sunset as film noir exit

Hanging heavy in the leaden clouds


You stand


Amongst the clutter of a life long since unfathomable


You turn

The windows smoke

The tiger roars

The hill rises into the night


The world and his cat line the streets

Lord knows why

Against the scrawling showers

Full of bus exhausts, these concrete flatlands


Ashwood turns on a sixpence

Whisks you out of the frying pan

Into the emotional fire

Of a world simply undone


No fuss or pomp or ceremony

Save that for the last hat-throwing hurrah

Expired without a word.

No people on the pitch

No last minute winner


Just a few handshakes

A wave

The World flips axis and

The future beckons.


Here’s to the sunrise.

Sloth out. 


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