The stories from the eagle and the child 

Met a couple of friends today for lunch and we did a nice, brief bit of book tourism, by visiting the pub where J.R.R. Tolkien used to meet his friends, among them C.S. Lewis, while lecturing at Oxford. Think of the ideas conceived there, man.

We also talked about how great sloths are, of course, and how we were on it before they became trendy. That’s us. Blazing trails.


The stories of the eagle and the child


D’you reckon he sat here

Not this chair, I mean

But in a Trigger’s broom kind of way

Thirteen stools and four floorboards later?


Did he, as I do, sup my pint

– I’ll wager he went for something darker –

And then stare into that glass of gold

As if it contained the universe?


Do you think that’s where he first saw it

The vast plains and murky woods

Mountains iron and misty

The road going ever, ever on?


Just a man sat mulling

A table and chair

A glass and some runes

And inklings


For me it’s only a one pint pilgrimage

Home trains, headlights, wheels on wet tarmac

But to know that your feet followed

Those whose hands penned the central world


Well, that’s pretty cool



One thing you can definitely do with a good book is…

Sloth out.


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