Help save the youth of America

We hope.

Help save the youth of America


Thinking about a wall

I find it strange that

Sometimes we have no words


There are events in the course of our lives that are



Some we can accept


There are words in this language that I do not yet compute

There are scientific explanations I do not yet grasp

But others

Beggar belief


Events whose results are not yet known

And may not be processed for many decades

Appear shrouded in the twilight of morning

Without any physical change

But the shockwaves felt

Belie certain expectations, aspirations



We looked across the pond and

We hoped

That there, stood on the other side

Were some people who would not make the same mistakes as we did

Who would not allow disillusionment to offer up solutions

In the form of ignorance

And in the form of belittlement


The leader of the free world


With his orange opal fruit face and tells us

We will be united

When they have spent months dividing our opinions


I have no words to tell you

What it means

Or how it makes me feel

Because I do not understand how we have come to this


It makes me think

Of other great events

In the sense of importance not of delight


Two cities in japan


Wooden shelters in the central European couintryside


Bricks and mortars splitting the heart of Germany


The things that we learnt and squabbled over then

And the freedom that those million people chanting

‘Wir sind ein volk’

Thought that they could see

Over the wall

Looking west

What do they see now?


There are too many words said, written, about almost everything these days

We are saturated

Being saturated

It appears there’s no space for hope


Peace and love, y’all.

Sloth out.


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