The Quality of Glass

Looking for a bit of light after this week, this year. Trump might think climate change is a Chinese hoax, but I’m thinking that maybe it’s nature where we have to look to for some joy.


The Quality of Glass


Palm against pane warms

From cool to rayed

As the clouds step aside to let

The impatient Sunlight charge past


It flashes a hungry smile

Dazzling teeth shine on the glass



Even the dust appears to glow-

Cast into the sunspotlight

Full, and warm, and impossibly vast

Even though some rebel runs off with it each night

Prometheus sharing sunfire with the moon


But, as the sun chases the horizon

The blue fades, the sun sinks

Catches its friend, and flashes.

Smiling. And golden.


Keep looking for the light, peeps.

Sloth out. 



2 thoughts on “The Quality of Glass

  1. This poem reminded me of a song by Donovan, called Jersey Thursday. Colours and light and glass. I really enjoyed it, it was singsong in itself.


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